What is the nofollow tag

What is the nofollow tag


What is the nofollow tag?  It is a little tag that goes at the end of your link. It is also used for SEO purposes.  Technically it is an “attribute” not a tag. It goes at the end of your  outbound link.  Below is an example.

<a href=”http://linkyoudontwantgoogletofollow.com” rel=”nofollow”>The link text goes here</a>

You basically only want to use it on pages or posts that you think should not be followed by the search engines.  Your TOS, Privacy, and thank you pages should be nofollow no index.

What is the nofollow tag

The best way to ensure you do this correctly is to use Yoast’s SEO plugin.  It will give you the ability to choose what needs to be done.  It tells you exactly what to do!

Once you have installed the Yoast plugin just navigate to your post or page that needs a nofollow.  Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Circle Wheel icon.  Tick on the nofollow circle.

What is the nofollow tag

Does Google want you to use the nofollow tag? And if so how do we use it?


In reality, Google does not care one way or the other if you use them or not. However, your site could lose some authority if you are not using them correctly.

What about nofollow on comments?

Also, if you have comments enabled any spammer could comment on your posts in hopes of getting a good backlink.  It’s best to disable comments by going to your dashboard settings, navigate to discussions. Then tick the “comment must be manually approved” checkbox.  WordPress will send you and email informing you of any comments awaiting moderation.

What is the nofollow tag

The main reason we want to use the no-follow tags

It is purely for SEO purposes. At least that is what Google thinks we should do.  We don’t want the big “G” search engine to think all we have are affiliate links or commenters only wanting a backlink from their comments.

Nofollow Tips

Here are a few tips on why you should have this “tag” at the end of your affiliate, comments, and advertising links.  Upload the Yoast plugin to help with the nofollow tag.

Affiliate and outbound links should ahave the nofollow link.

Is this only for the Google Bot?

Yahoo, MSN/live, and Ask search engines also support the nofollow tag.

After all, this is what we all want active engagement with your audience without the spammy “great post” visitor who only wants a link back to their blog or site.

There are plugins that will help you put no-follow on all your outbound links. However, I would recommend not using another plugin just because Google wants you to use the no-follow attribute on those links.

There is still a debate as to whether we should or should not use this attribute tag on our WordPress  Website.  New blogs or websites using should be using this tag as long as it’s used correctly.

Hopefully, this post “what is the nofollow tag” will help some newbie WordPress users trying to figure this nofollow tag out!

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