We Build Your Website Free

We Build Your Website Free


We Build Your Website Free.  Yes, we will build your WordPress website at no cost to you.  The WordPress platform is a great way to build websites for almost any reason… from eCommerce to niche blogs.

WordPress is a lot easier than learning how to build a website via coding practices.  The stuff you have to learn is almost endless.  HTML, CSS, PHP, FTP protocol, and much more.  It is easier with WordPress but and this is a big but… there are still challenges to conquer.

We do it for you

No need to learn everything about WordPress when we can do it for you.  We install WordPress, upload plugins, create initial posts and pages, SEO, and a whole plethora of technical things you will need in order to make your WordPress site successful. You could hire a WordPress website developer but they too will cost you money.

Anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands depending on what the customer wants. Remember you can use WordPress to build a blog or a website it is basically the same thing.

We Build Your Website Free

We Build Your Website Free

Why go through all this when we can do it for you at no cost.  The only thing you will have to pay for is hosting and domain name charges.  All websites pay for hosting and domain services there is no way around this.


Recommended hosting – Stablehost As low as $3.50 per month for shared hosting.

Recommended Domain Name Purchase – NameCheap Where we buy all our domain names. Average cost about 12.00 USD.

WordPress theme we highly Recommend – Socrates Theme Read more about the Socrates theme here.

You can also find a free theme over at WordPress.org free themes will work for almost any purpose. However, some free themes are not good for the beginner user.

What we will do after you purchase hosting and domain name?

  • We will add your niche content – You’ll have to provide us with your content.
  • Add your logo – Or purchase one.
  • Upload free security plugins – To keep out malware, and hackers out!
  • SEO plugins – To optimize your site for the Search Engines.
  • Make your site Mobile Friendly – So people can see your site via Mobile Phones.
  • Add free caching plugin – For quick loading pages.
  • Add eCommerce plugin – To make money!
  • Make relevant pages for your site – Whatever page you want we build it
  • Add Contact page – So your customers or visitors can contact you.
  • Build your about us page – Who and why your website exists.
  • Add Your Adsense and or Affiliate links – Monetize your website.
  • And a whole bunch more.

Building websites for free

So how can you start getting your Free WordPress website?  Easy, you contact us by filling out the form below. Get specific and we will get back to you within 24hrs.