How to upload wordpress themes


word-press-sitesHow to upload WordPress themes.

Here are the steps required to upload a free theme located at

There is also a video to help you do the same thing.


  1. Go to and find a theme suitable for your needs.
  2. We will use the twenty sixteen free theme.
  3. Click on the theme graphic and then click on the blue button that has (download) on it.
  4. Your download zip file should look like the following:
  5. Do NOT unzip the file.  We are going to upload as a unzip file.
  6. Go to your current WordPress dashboard – click on appearance – themes.
  7. On the top of screen click on button that says (Add New).
  8. On the top left click where it says (Upload Theme).
  9. Now click on the button that says Choose File.
  10. This should take you to your download file folder.  Look for “”  Do NOT unzip the file…leave it as is.
  11. Click on the file and it will add it to the file name bar.
  12. Click open.
  13. It should now give you the “theme name twentysixteen and the “Install Now” button.
  14. Click the install button.
  15. Once installed your current theme window will present you with the options.  Live Preview – Activate – Return to Themes page.
  16. Click on Activate now or use the Live Preview for a Live Preview!
  17. It is a good idea to preview it first to see what this theme looks like.
  18. If you don’t like it you can always delete it by click on the theme again and looking for the delete link located at the bottom right hand corner.  The delete link will not be shown if it is the current theme.
  19. You can also upload paid themes the exact same way.

That is basically it.  If you are having problems you can always contact us right here.  Contact Us

You can also view the video below.

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