The fastest WordPress theme

The fastest WordPress theme


Is Socrates theme “The Fastest WordPress Theme” online today?  In my humble opinion, it is and it has helped me and thousands of other bloggers, and marketers make a faster loading site.

Did you know almost half of online users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less!  Not only that but surfers will go elsewhere to make a purchase or buy online services.  You can read more over at

It can get frustrating trying to find the right theme for your blogging or business website.  I have used lots of free and paid themes.  The free ones do come with heavy baggage.  Sometimes the code is not well written or the developers do not maintain or support them any longer.  Often times they come with features and programs you will never use which slows response time.

What about paid themes?

The paid ones have problems of their own.  They too have bloated programs and owners who take forever to respond to bugs and or scripting problems with the theme.

Many paid themes are good and will do what the theme developer says it will do what the claim. But these are the exception and not the rule.

The Fastest WordPress Theme

The fastest WordPress theme

Site speed is a big factor in Google’s eyes.  Not only site speed but user experience (UX) ranks right up there also! They all claim to be versatile, mobile friendly, fast loading and the best thing since sliced bread.

Testing your site for speed

The best place to test your site is over at Google’s own site speed test tool.  So, here are the results for my own website  As you can see via the image below I scored a 99 out 100 for Desktop and 94 for the mobile version of my site.  I did this without purchasing a CDN or paying a high priced fee to someone who says they will do it for $300.00 bucks.

I also downloaded the Autoptimize plugin to help with speed.  You can see the results below both for Desktop and mobile version.

Desktop Speed Test Below

The fastest WordPress theme

Below is Mobile Speed Test

The fastest WordPress theme

How did I manage to make this site load so quickly?

I got rid of my old free theme and purchased a good fast loading theme.  The name is Socrates and it did wonders for my site speed. You can purchase this theme for as little as $37 USD.

  • Great Support – Support is fast and friendly
  • Socrates Toolkit Plugin
  • Tutorials and Training
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Banners for your header theme

Click here to get this awesome theme today.  Yes, I get a small commission if you purchase through that link.

There are numerous speed testing sites online and I will give a list of which ones to use.  Oh BTW if you enter my URL address into Google site speed test it will give you a different result.  It also important to know that the test results will fluctuate from time to time.  It all depends on how often you post and how many images you use to make those posts.   This means clearing your cache often is essential to a quicker loading site.  Plus your hosting provider is also a big factor in loading time.

The speed at which a website loads is critical to attracting more people to your blog or website. As stated earlier many readers may leave your blog if it is taking too long to load. Google and other search engines will factor in the site page load speed time with their algorithms.  The faster the better your rankings will be.

In spite of writing this post, it is important to note that trying to get a 100 out of 100 is almost an impossible task. So, don’t fret about trying to get that perfect score…75 or above is a good score.  Stick with it and move on!

Faster site speed with these tips

This is one the fact that a page loading fast gives better user experience compared to a slower loading page. Therefore, web pages which load quickly are normally ranked higher in the search engine results compared to the web pages which load slowly. The following are a few tips on how you can speed up your blog for best results.

Check Your Blog’s Page Speed
Before anything else, test the speed of your blog’s page and then check it on a continuing basis. This will help you know when problems arise. You can do this through Pingdom Website Speed or Google Web Developer Test tool. These two tools help in identifying the processes which are running slowly on the blog. is another good speed testing tool.

Use A Faster Webhosting Server
A website load speed can only be as fast as the web server you are using. If you are hosting your blog via a third party, you should contact the web host’s support team and ask for your server speed. This will also help you to make sure that your website has an adequate bandwidth that can handle the peak traffic times.

Optimize Your Images
You should always resize the images to the size you want in your published page or blog post before uploading them to the blog. This is because large images are normally a resource drain and can take up valuable space in the hosting account and will slow down the blog load speed. Make sure that the images you will see on the blog have been saved in PNG or JPEG format.  Use a good image optimizer.  I recommend EWW image optimizer.  I make a small commission if you make a purchase through that link.

Delete Unnecessary CSS, Javascript, and HTML Code
They can lower the blog load speed when in excess. Delete the unnecessary code if possible. You should also eliminate the duplications if you see any since they also slow the load page speed.

Keep your plugins at a minimum
Each and every site will have different applications or plugins that are needed to make your site do what you want it to do.  However, if you have over 20 plugins you have too many!  Check your plugins and ask yourself do I really this?

Check and Update your plugins and theme regularly
Make sure that the WordPress application, plugins, and theme are up to date. Reduce the HTTP requests on the page. Reduce redirects and plugins. Use caching software

Use a good Caching plugin to clear Cache
There are two great caching plugins WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.  So what does caching mean and how does it work? Great questions – you can read more right here. Why you need a caching plugin.  The W3 Total Cache is not made for beginners it complex and difficult reading.  There are far too many customization options for one person. However, the WP Super Cache is much simpler and the best part is that it is free.  They do have a paid option for those with no technical knowledge whatsoever.  But, the free version will work fine. If you need help setting up WP Super Cache you can contact me right here.  Contact Paul Guzman – No Charge for this.

Finding Free Themes at

There is a big list of free themes that you can use for whatever purpose you desire…from blogging to eCommerce sites.  You can find them right here at; Free Themes.

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