The difference between and

The difference between and


The difference between and We will explain the difference between the two.

There are valid and credible points to both systems and it will be up to you to decide which one will best suit your needs.  If done correctly, you can become a successful blogger/webmaster with either one.


The difference between and is a free CMS (content management system) that you can use for whatever purpose you so desire.  It is free to use but you will need to pay for hosting and a free or paid theme.

You have a ton of plugins at your disposal for security, backups, graphics, text, fonts and much more.

You also own your content. Copy, graphics, and media files.  It will not be subject to deletion and or removing your content for whatever reason(s) they can come up with (unless you are doing something illegal)!

It is mandatory to have a web-hosting service but the cost is minimal could between 4.00 to about 12.00 USD per month depending on which hosting service you purchase.

The main difference is that it’s much easier to monetize or make an online income with than it is with

Here is their official site.

WORDPRESS.COM CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is also a free CMS platform but only if you use less than 3.5 gb of space.  If you are needing more space than that it will cost you about $36.00 per year for a personal account.  They also have a premium business and VIP accounts.  The VIP account is about $5000.00 per month, yikes!  Here is the real kicker…you can do almost the same stuff with a self-hosted at a fraction of the cost.

They do not let you use plugins.  Plugins help with everything from getting top listings on Google to making your website mobile friendly.  They will also delete your site if they think you have violated their TOS (not good)!

Here is their official website

Whichever you choose WordPress is an easy way to create and maintain a website.

The difference between and wordpress.comMy choice is as it puts you in charge.  You have more options and require less money to get started.

Code and program languages are not required however it is a good idea to know the basic languages.

It is a good idea to invest some time in learning HTML, CSS, and PHP.  You don’t have to be an expert just familiarize yourself with these programs.

In the long run, you will thank me.

The difference between and

One great place to learn these languages is over at  It is newbie user-friendly and it has a ton of free tutorials and learning guides.

Take a Udemy course on HTML right here: Discover HTML Essential guide to HTML how to create webpages.


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