Starting your own niche website with WordPress


Starting your own niche website with WordPress.  What exactly is a niche marketing website?  Wikipedia defines Niche Marketing as:

A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines as the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment.

Sounds a little complicated but it’s not.  It’s quite easy to start a niche website with WordPress.

Picking a niche that appeals to you is paramount to your success. Afterall if you don’t like dogs why in the world would you start a Dog training site or blog?

Here is a list of niche sites you could start with a platform.

  • Weight Loss – Good
    • For Seniors – Better
    • For Single Seniors – Even Better
  • Dog training
    • German Shepard – Better
    • Your choice of dog breed
  • Teeth Whitening
    • For Smokers
    • For those with dentures
  • Body  Building
    • For Women
    • For overweight people
  • Golfing
    • For Teenagers
    • For Beginners – Better
  • Eating Healthy
    • For Elderly
    • For Obese Kids
  • Acne Problems
    • For Teenagers
    • For Men
  • Gardening
    • For the Senior Citizen
    • For Kids
  • Music
    • Oldies
    • Hip Hop
    • Country and more music genre.
  • Musical Instruments
    • Guitar
    • Percussion
    • Horns
    • Singing
  •  Fishing
    • Fly Fishing
    • Fresh Water Fishing
    • Salt Water Fishing
  • Cooking
    • Italian
    • Mexican
    • Jewish
    • Indian
    • European

Starting your own niche website with WordPress

As you can see there are hundreds of niche, sub-niche and deeper niches that you can use.  The deeper the niche the more probable of online success.

It is best to choose a narrow niche as opposed to say “fishing”.   The narrower the better.  There are millions who fish professionally and for recreational purposes.  My point is to find a narrow fishing niche such as “saltwater fishing”.  You could add a word in front or behind the phrase to make it a tighter niche.  For example, add the word supplies after saltwater fishing.

How to check for keywords that pertain to your niche.

Let’s continue with the example above.  Saltwater fishing is too broad of a term or phrase.  However, “saltwater fishing supplies” is a great narrow or smaller niche that has a great potential for marketing or selling.

Search engine keyword data for Saltwater fishing supplies.

You can expect about 340 monthly searches and about 60 monthly searches if you get first page rankings.  There are also about 80 competing websites with those exact keyword searches.

So is this an easy niche to get into?  IMHO…it is.  Also, people that are looking to buy saltwater fishing supplies are mainly high-end users or folks who are more than willing to purchase those supplies from your WordPress site.  😎

Where did I get the search data I used in the above example?  Easy, I used JaaxyIt is a great Keyword Search tool that I have used to make my niche sites rank better.

Here is an image of how I came up with the keyword data example.

Starting your own niche website with WordPress

Avg = 336 (average searches per month)
Traffic = 58 (average traffic you will receive if you get first-page ranking.
QSR = Quoted Search Results.  The number of other websites competing for this exact search term.
KQI = Keyword Quality Indicator.  Our example is Green; ( Green is Excellent, Yellow OK, Red is Poor )
SEO = Traffic and competition ( The higher the score the more likely you will rank for that search term. 1 is poor 100 is best.
Domains = .net and .org are available as of this date (04-11-16).

Get Jaaxy keyword research tool today. Starting your own niche website with WordPress is a easy with the right tool.



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