Monetize a wordpress blog


How does someone monetize a WordPress blog?  This post is about making a legitimate income with your site.  It takes work and lots of research to make a profit online.

Anyone who tells you it’s easy and you can have money floating into your bank account within a few weeks or months is feeding you horse manure.

Monetize a wordpress blog

So how does someone monetize a WordPress blog legitimately?

There are numerous ways to profit or make an income with a WordPress site.

Google’s Adsense ads is one viable way.  Add an Adsense plugin via WordPress plugin repository.

Or go to your dashboard and download them on Appearance then Plugins – Add New – Type in “Adsense” where it says “Search Plugins”.  You will find a large list of Adsense programs that are designed to help you make a profit by adding advertising units in your site.

Monetize a wordpress blog

Now before you start adding a plugin it’s important to know that Adsense is owned and operated by Google.  Not all websites or WordPress blogs are allowed.

So what does a site need in order to get Google to accept your site?   I can answer that in 2 words! “Good Content”.    That is a start but it also needs to have substance and clutter free of other advertising.

You can apply to join Adsense right here.  Join Adsense.  You will have to create a Google account.  Once your site is accepted you can start to add Adsense ad units to your site with whatever plugin you choose to use.

It’s also important to note once Google accepts your site you can add these advertising units to all sites that you personally own.

Which adsense plugin is best?

Google has its own Adsense plugin.  I highly recommend using it.  You can get it here ad-injection.  You can also use it for other networking affiliate sites such as  Amazon Associates and ClickBank.

In order to make any profit with Adsense, you will need traffic and you will need lots of it.  More on getting traffic to your site below.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money online.

What is an affiliate?  It is a marketer who sells other people’s services, products or digital books for a percentage of the sale.  The most common way is to become an affiliate member at Clickbank.

You can also find products and services with affiliate networking sites.  These sites have a list of other sites that are niche related.

For example, the following Affiliate Networks sites are MY top 5.

Once you become a member it’s as simple as searching for niche related products or services.  For example: Find a niche related e-book at ClickBank’s marketplace and start selling it.

It’s not that simple but it does work if done correctly.

You could market this e-book several ways.  This could be on paid social media, PPC advertising networks, your website, email marketing or word of mouth.

Getting Traffic for Sales

Using Adsense and Clickbank on a WordPress site to make an income hinges on one thing…and that “thing” is traffic.  So…how does a budding blogger or new business startup get traffic?

  1.  Be patient.  This is not an overnight matter.
  2.  Build a site for your audience.  What’s in it for them, not you!
  3.  Research your niche.  Is it a viable online business?
  4.  Research, research, and research your keywords.

More traffic generating ideas coming soon!


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