How to use WordPress Widgets


How to use WordPress Widgets, but first we must know what a WordPress widget is?  A widget in a Self-Hosted WordPress site is a tool that helps you organize your site.  These widgets or tools that are normally used on the right or left side of your site.

How to use WordPress Widgets

It is NOT a plugin.  All themes whether they are free or paid come with widget functions.

How to use wordpress widgets

Most themes use them on a “Sidebar”. You can add, remove or place them on the right, left and some themes will give you the ability to have them at the bottom or top of your site.

You can also add options such as search, recent posts, archives and advertisement functions on the sidebar.

Is it necessary to have a sidebar? No, it is not.  Most themes will give you the option to add or not use them at all.

Where CAN you find the sidebar?

They are located in your dashboard.  Follow the steps here to find and place them where you want.

Appearance – Widgets

How to use WordPress Widgets

Once you are there you will have the option to add the widgets that you will need.

  1.  Menus
  2. Categories
  3. Popular posts
  4. Pages
  5. Recent Comments
  6. Advertisements
  7. Blogroll
  8. Text or Image Links

Below is a youtube video explaining how to do this.

How to use WordPress Widgets

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