How to center post title


How to center post title

How to center post title. So…you want your post title in the middle of the post text, not on the far left?

View your HTML by pressing right clicking your mouse then, click on “view page source”.   Somewhere between the <head> </head> you are able to see your page title.

For example here is the title to my home page.

<title>Building Websites with WordPress | Success With WordPress</title>

By default, WordPress will automatically align the post title to the left.  See graphic example.

Aligning it to center top post is really easy.  You can do this via custom css or add the following in your child theme css style sheet.

However, not all themes allow the changing of the css style sheet.  In addition to that if you are not CSS savvy you could wipe-out your site altogether if you mess with your stylesheet. {
text-align: center !important;


h1.entry-title { text-align: center; }

You can also do this via a child-theme.  So if you mess up your original theme is still intact.  But most neophyte bloggers have a hard time building a child theme.

The easiest and safest way is to use a plugin that will let you do this without touching your style sheet code or building a child-theme.

How to center post title


How to center post titleDownload the plugin to WordPress site and activate it.  Click on settings and enter the following code to set the post title to center it: {
text-align: center !important;


How to center post titleThere you have it the easy way to center a post title.

Check out the YouTube video on how to center a post title.


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