How to add a plugin to wordpress

How to add a plugin to WordPress




How to add a plugin to WordPress

First, what is a WordPress plugin?  In layman’s terms, it is a program to help your site function better.  These programs can help your site load faster, keep spam off your site, align text, and help with search engine optimization.

Adding a plugin via your dashboard

How to add a plugin to wordpressIn your WordPress dashboard go to the “Plugins” link.    This will bring in a side menu.  In that menu, field find the “add new” link.  Once there click inside the Search box.  And type in the plugin you are looking for.

In our example, I will be adding or installing the Super cache plugin.

The plugin will help with caching static HTML files.

There are two main reasons why we need a caching plugin.


  1.  Speed – Your WordPress site needs to load fast.
  2.  It clears your current content of the previous edits you just made.

This post is about adding a plugin so let’s continue adding the plugin.

How to add a plugin to WordPress

Type in “Super Cache” into the search box and press your enter key.  Once you have done that…click on the “Install Now” box.  See Image below.


How to add a plugin to wordpressThe checkmark with the text “Compatible with your version of WordPress” means you are good to go.

You will now have to activate the installed plugin.  Just click where the text says “Activate Plugin”  – See image below.

How to add a plugin to wordpressOnce you have activated the plugin it’s time to set the settings.



Click on the “Settings” link on the Super Cache plugin. See Image Below.  Then click on the blue update status button.


wp-super-cache-settingsOnce there – the first thing to do is to tick the caching on round button.  This will disable the off button.   See graphic below.


How to add a plugin to wordpress

Don’t forget to click on the blue “Update Status” button before continuing!

Now it’s time to test the time stamps to all posts or pages.  Click on the first test cache box will let you know if the timestamps on your pages match.

If not click on the Delete Cache button and try it again.


test-cacheI like the WP Super Cache plugin as opposed to the W3 Total Cache.  It is simpler to setup and use.  W3 Total Cache is complicated to set up.  However, it does provide the WordPress user with additional choices to make your site load faster.  But there it is a challenge to set up and use.

If you are up to the challenge you can learn how to set it up over at:

How to add a plugin to WordPress


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