How to add graphic to widget

How to Add Graphic to widget

First, what is a widget?  Hmm…Good question! Well, it’s a small item located on a post or page sidebar of your Wordpress blog or site.  Usually visible on all pages and or posts.  It’s usually on the right side but sometimes it appears on the left side. This depends on your WordPress Theme. We have a post […]

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How to add a link to an image in your website

Adding an image to your post is a snap.  Here are the instructions on how to do just that.  How to add a link to an image in your website. First, we go to the post where we want to place an image.  For this, we will go to our training site and add an […]

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How to add a favicon on WordPress

Adding a favicon on WordPress. First we need to know what a “Favicon” is?  There are lots of explanations as to what it is and why we need one. The answer is a 100% yes.  It distinguishes you from the other website tabs on your visitors browser.  You do not want WordPress default favicon you […]

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