Can WordPress blogs make money

Can WordPress blogs make money


Can WordPress blogs make money

Can a WordPress blogs make money?  It is no secret that starting a  platform website can and if done right make you money maybe even lots of money! The big question is how much and how quickly can I start?

The answer to that is you can start “right now”!  However, making the moola you are looking for will take much longer.  If you follow the advice of many IM GooRoo’s today it is possible you will get the money sucked out right out of your pockets.

Can WordPress blogs make money

Profiting by simply starting a WordPress blog site does work.  It used to be a lot easier than it is today but it can still be done…and it will work if you are disciplined enough to follow through!

So, the question begs to ask…what do YOU need to make a successful online sale?  The answer is “Writing” and posting the kind of information your targeted audience is looking for.

How many posts will it take before I see a profit?

That is a good question but one that most blogging marketers never answer! It depends on many factors.  It could be 100 posts or maybe 1,000 posts.  You could get lucky and write that viral posts that will be seen by thousands of eyeballs via social media.

Can WordPress blogs make money

It is important that your niche blog or WordPress website contains valuable information that will help your potential visitor, customer, to continue reading or join your newsletter or possibly purchase your products and or services.

The niche you are in does factor into the scheme of things.  The Tiddlywinks niche will make much less than the “Make Money Online niche”!

If you are solely looking to “get rich” or want to make boatloads of income without doing any actual work in a short period of time…then you will be searching for a long time.  It won’t happen, no way, no how!

From the start of your blogging adventure, it is imperative that you do NOT think about the revenue…you must think about your potential client or customer.  The more you help them the better chances of your success.

Did you know there are fewer websites today than in 2014?  Yea, it’s true you can read more about this right here.  Successful Website.

Ways to make money online

Affiliate Marketing.  You join affiliate sites get an affiliate link and add it to your blog posts.  But you do have to write a post that is relevant to your niche or website.  Simply sticking an affiliate link for the sole purpose of trying to get some to click and possibly get a sale won’t work.

So how does it work?  Easy, you do some research on the affiliate product and write a review and or compare it to something else.  It’s always best to purchase the product or service before giving a review.

Email Marketing.  You get people to signup for your newsletter.  Once you have a list it’s time to start emailing with your products and or services.

Put advertising links on your posts.  Specifically, you could embed AdSense ads. Read more about making money with a WordPress blog by clicking here.



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    No doubt, the Google AdSense is the popular ad program for hobby and professional bloggers. But I would like to say, take advantage of affiliate marketing to earn passive income from your blog. None the less, focus on driving targeted traffic to your blog to increase your earning. None the less, sponsored posts can be a great resource for you to earn money from your blog.

    I’ve tried some of the others like theme design with not so great results, but WordPress consulting, SEO services and affiliate marketing have worked for me. Thanks to you for sharing the ways to earn via WordPress(.)com in an easy way.

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