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Are you a “Beginner WordPress user”? If so this post is for you.  First, we need to know what is the difference between and  Click here to see our post about and differences.

Beginner WordPress User?

You will need the right kind of hosting before getting started.  For newbie or beginner bloggers we recommend or get 2 free sites hosted at WA. Both hosting services will basically set it up for you.  Below is what WordPress needs in order for you to get things setup.

A robust platform comprised of the Linux operating system, and either the Apache web-server or theNGINX web-server. Almost any server that supports PHP and MySQL will work. If your host doesn’t support one of these platforms, and mod_rewrite, you will probably be better off switching to one of the many hosting providers that do offer those choices.  It is also essential that your host allows remote connections, for many of the WordPress features to work. If your host blocks outgoing HTTP connections, many parts of the WordPress will not function.

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Wow…that is a lot of nerdy technical terms!

But you do not have to worry as will setup everything above for you. All you have to do is sign up and choose the right hosting package.

Professional web hosting at for almost nothing.  You get the following. Unlimited Transfers, Domain and Space.  No hidden fees, and free setup.

Now it’s time to purchase a domain name.  Get one at Namecheap as they are the number one domain registrar online today.  If you get stuck contact us and I will help you build your site.  Contact Us.

Beginner WordPress user

Once you have hosting done it’s time to decide which theme you want to use?  I recommend using a free theme to start.

You have a plethora of free themes to choose from.  Where are these themes located? Easy right here.

You can also view them on your own WordPress dashboard.

Once you have your account set up with stablehost or any hosting service for that matter you will need to decide which theme to use.

Go to Appearance then themes.  Click on the themes link and it will take you to a list of themes in the WordPress theme directory. By default, the WordPress theme on your account is “twentysixteen”.

It’s actually a good theme to start with.  But I highly recommend using the Socrates theme. It’s an excellent theme for those who are just starting out.

It’s easy to search for this theme.  Use your WordPress site to find the right theme for your needs. All the themes are free to use for whatever purpose you so desire (except for illegal purposes). 🙂

Most of these themes have been developed by programmers and theme developers whose sole purpose is to make you purchase the upgrade version of their themes.  There are exceptions and sosimple is one of them.

You can upload it via your dashboard or go use the following link to upload it yourself.  Sosimple Theme.   How to add a theme to your site right here. Upload Theme.

Again, if you need help all you need to do is contact us by clicking on this link; contact us.